How to Choose Medicare Part D


Go to the Medicare Plan Finder page on the website. The plan search tool allows you to review a list of all part D plans available to you.


Enter your zip code in the search box. For more personalized search results, enter your Medicare number, last name, date of birth, effective date for your Medicare Plan B (if applicable) and whether you have Medigap. Then, click on the "Find Plans" button.


Answer any additional questions that the next web page may require. This can include your current Medicare coverage and whether you currently receive help to pay your prescription drug costs. Then click "Continue to Plan Results."


Enter the names of all drugs you currently take. You may type in the name of the medication in the box, or you can browse an alphabetical listing of drugs. You also have the option to select the button labeled "I don't want to add drugs now." If you do add your medications, select the correct dosage in the pop-up box after typing in the name. Then, click "My Drug List is Complete."


Select the pharmacy you use from the list on the next web page. You have the option to skip this step by clicking "I don't want to add pharmacies now." Then, click on "Continue to Plan Results."


Locate the "Select Plan Types" heading under "Refine Your Search" on the left side of the next web page. Remove the checkmarks from the first two boxes directly under this heading. The only box you should check is "Prescription Drug Plans." Customize any of your other desired options on the rest of the list. Then, click on "Continue to Plan Results."


Review your plans list on the next web page. All of the prescription drug plans for which you are eligible are on this list. The information listed under each plan includes the monthly premium, deductibles, co-pay information and estimated annual costs. To view more details, including customized information about your prescriptions, click on the name of the plan you select. The contact information for that plan is also available here.


Call the plan that you wish to join. A representative can send you an application or direct you to the plan's website to fill out an online application. If you have any problems contacting a specific plan, call Medicare at 800-633-4227. You may also enroll in a specific prescription drug plan at this number.

There are several different types of Medicare plans. All of these options may seem a little overwhelming while you decide which plan is best for you. If you have trouble decoding your options, contact a Medicare representative. He can help you figure out what coverage you need. If you have prescription drugs, for example, Medicare Part D can help you pay for them. Part D is exclusively for prescription drug coverage. There is no single Part D plan; rather, you must choose from a list of Part D plans available in your geographical area.