How to Use Google Health for Medical Record Management


First, you need to sign up by creating a username and password for Google Health. Once you are logged in, you can create a profile that records your health conditions, allergies, medications, and any the results from any lab work that you have had done.


Now it is time to import your medical records. Google has partnered with many popular hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies that hold your medical records. Just find the name of the health care provider that you use and you can import your medical records and prescriptions.


Do not worry about your medical records being exposed to unwanted parties. Google has a strict security policy in place to protect you and your confidential information.


Now you can store all of your medical information in one easy to use source. You can access it anytime, anywhere, and it is free. With Google Health, you do not have to worry about your medical records being lost in a move or change of health insurance, and it is easy to manage your records and keep them up to date. Click on the link in the resources section of this article to go directly to Google Health.

Google has recently developed a free service to help people manage their medical records from the convenience of their desktop. This new program is easy to use, and has some great features that eliminate the hassles of traditional paper medical records.