About Health Insurance for Married College Students


Married college students can purchase group health insurance plans from their universities or employers if these organizations offer health plans with competitive rates. Some students may qualify for government plans, such as Medicaid, while others will have to purchase private insurance.


According to Stephen L. Beckley, partner of a consulting firm specializing in student health care, not all college health care plans meet American College Health Association Standards. Programs that do not adhere to these standards cannot be relied upon alone for health insurance, according to Beckley. Schools that require students to have health insurance typically offer better plans.


Married students can choose from a variety of plans that offer different kinds of coverage. Some of the features you should look for include catastrophic coverage and the ability to choose your own doctors.


Married student health plans differ greatly in cost. Private health plans are almost always the most expensive. Some government health plans may not require you to pay anything if you are eligible for assistance. According to Bankrate, two individual group plans are generally cheaper than one plan for both spouses.


Save on your insurance packages by cutting out what you don't need, such as optical insurance if you don't wear glasses. Because they can no longer be covered under their parents insurance, but generally don't yet have full-time jobs, married college students can have a difficult time finding health insurance. However, there are several health insurance options for these students.