How to Become A Certified Nursing Assistant


Generally, a class is required to become certified. These classes have different lengths, but most should include both a mixture of class time and on-hands patient work. As a bonus, these classes look very good on medical school and other health professions applications because of the patient care and experience. I strongly suggest getting certified as a nurses assistant if you are considering a career in health.


If you are looking for classes in your area, try visiting your local hospital and asking at the general information desk if they offer any classes. Another common option is retirement homes. These places offer the class because nurses assistants are in high demand. As a bonus, you can generally find a nursing assistant job pretty easily at the retirement community where you took the class.


The real meat and potatoes of a CNA class is the work with patients. Don't neglect this area because most careers down the road look very favorably on the experience that you will gain.

Follow this guide if you are interested in becoming officially recognized as a CNA or certified nursing assistant.