How to Clean Operating Room Equipment


Put on the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) when preparing to clean operating room equipment. PPE includes gloves, gowns and face shields that do not allow fluid transfer through the fabric.


Prepare a 0.5 percent chlorine solution. This solution is 1 part chlorine bleach per 10 parts water. Add enough detergent to make the solution mildly soapy.


Prepare a second bucket of clean water. This is for using the two-bucket method of cleaning. The two-bucket method uses one bucket for your cleaning solution and a second bucket to rinse your cleaning cloth.


Soak a clean lint-free cloth in your solution and wipe down all tables, lamps, chairs, sinks and counters.


Wipe down the operating room lamp.


Wipe down all surfaces of the operating room table.


Wipe any mattress pads used with the operating table.


Wipe the surfaces of any instrument tables that come into contact with patients.

Operating room equipment must be cleaned every twenty-four hours whether it has been used or not. Cleaning operating room equipment is a process that combines disinfecting and safety. Using the proper solutions and equipment will ensure operating room equipment is as clean as it can be.