Health Insurance Companies With Maternity Coverage

Unless coverage is provided through a group health plan, maternity insurance is difficult to obtain. In the individual market, coverage is virtually impossible to obtain after the onset of a pregnancy, and very few companies offer coverage as additional benefit to a health insurance plan. Though coverage may be available through Medicaid or through state-sponsored programs.

Time Insurance

Time Insurance, which operates under the marketing brand name of Assurant Health, offers an option for maternity coverage on all its policies at the time of application. If the policyholder elects the coverage, an additional amount is added to the monthly premium. Coverage is provided throughout the pregnancy up until delivery after the payment of a deductible. Once the deductible is met, the policy pays 100 percent of the medical costs. Discounts are also available when using network providers during the deductible period.

United Healthcare

United Healthcare provides maternity coverage up to a maximum benefit amount, which is chosen by the policyholder when the policy is applied for. No benefits are available during the first year the policy is in force, which eliminated the possibility of having to cover a preexisting condition. When the policyholder becomes pregnant, she notifies the company so that benefits commence. There is no deductible requirement and 100 percent of all related expenses are paid until the maximum benefit is paid out by the company.

Utah Maternity Insurance

Some states may offer insurance programs for pregnant women. For example, Utah Maternity Insurance is the Internet arm of that state's Health Insurance Office and is a health insurance broker that represents several insurance companies. It offers supplemental maternity insurance designed to fill the gaps in an insured's current health insurance plan. People who have medical insurance with a maternity deductible of at least $5,000 can purchase maternity coverage that will help cover expenses until the deductible is met.