How to Provide Great Customer Service in a Home Health Care Setting

How to Provide Great Customer Service in a Home Health Care Setting


Be professional. Even though your workplace is a person's home, you must maintain a professional attitude. This doesn't mean you can't be friendly, but you need to conduct yourself as if you were at any other place of business. It can be tempting to befriend your client, but it also can lead to awkward situations later in the work relationship.


Get to work on time. Don't assume that because the person is at home you can show up a few minutes late and it won't matter. Treat the job the same as you would at a typical office. Your client, and possibly another caregiver, are relying on you to show up ready to work at a specific time.


Anticipate your client's needs. If you have a routine and you know your client needs help going to the bathroom at a certain time of day, offer help before he asks. Some people feel embarrassed if they always have to ask for help. You are there to help, so try to be on top of tasks before being asked to do them.


Stay your entire scheduled time. Don't assume because another family member or caregiver is there that you are free to leave. They need time to unwind, so even if they are just sitting around, it doesn't mean you aren't needed.


Stick to your duties. Don't allow a client or their family to take advantage of you. If you are unsure whether a task is something you are responsible for, consult your supervisor. Let the client and family know what your job includes and don't allow them to talk you into extra responsibilities.

Home health care work is a rewarding career, but due to the workplace being a client's home, there are many challenges in providing service. Each client's home will have unique circumstances and challenges. You will need to be flexible, while adhering to a strict set of rules.