How Can I Qualify for a Medicaid Card?


Contact your local social services department to apply. Your application can be submitted in person, through the mail or over the Internet. If you are a pregnant woman who needs medical coverage, you can apply at many clinics and hospitals.


Meet all the requirements. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must be a U.S. citizen or a legal alien. You must also meet the income requirements. Income guidelines can vary, depending on your state. For example, in New York an individual without children cannot exceed $8,479 a year to qualify for Medicaid. The income limits are higher for children and pregnant women. Your state may also offer different programs for those that exceed the income limits, such as Medicaid with a share cost.


Complete the application. It requires you to provide personal and financial information. You will need to answer questions about your household, assets and monthly expenses.


Submit the required documents. Generally, you are required to submit proof of age, proof of citizenship, recent pay stubs and proof of residency. Birth certificates, driver's licenses and a copy of a lease agreement or mortgage may be required. Bank statements and account numbers may also be requested.


Wait for your application to be approved. A caseworker may contact you with questions or to request additional documents. In most states, it takes 30 to 45 days for Medicaid applications to be reviewed. Once approved, you will receive your Medicaid card in the mail.

Medicaid is the federal health insurance plan providing coverage to low-income individuals. Each state offers Medicaid or a similar state health insurance program. Even though the federal government outlines the basic requirements for Medicaid eligibility, every state has its own specific rules and procedures for applying. Once your Medicaid application is approved, you will receive a card as proof of coverage. Your Medicaid card will include your name and member identification number.