How to Get Cheaper Health Insurance


Your good health keeps your insurance premiums low. For the cheapest health insurance policies around, take care of yourself. Do your best to eat right and exercise. People with lower weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels pay lower cost premiums because they are a lower risk to insurance companies.


Shop around and compare quotes. Research several options to find quality, affordable health care. helps you compare top insurance companies apples to apples for the cheapest rates they can find.


Excessive doctor visits can increase your monthly premiums so to keep your health insurance payments down, use doctors when necessary. Annual check ups and screenings keep you healthy and out of emergency rooms. If you break an arm, then go to the ER but don't go for a fever.


Think about step 3 then consider free clinics for vaccinations, birth control, and minor incidents like rashes and illness.


If your bills are still climbing, call your health care provider and negotiate your payments. Work with your insurance policy for lower health care premiums and more affordable payment plans. Health insurance companies would rather give you a deal on your bill then you not pay at all.


Don't take prescription drugs unless absolutely needed and ask for generic versions to save money. Health care is cheaper when you aren't in need of medication and extra visits.


If expense is still an issue, then a final resort may be government health insurance because it's the lowest cost care. Medicare and Medicaid programs are paid by taxpayers to help the needy still receive medical attention when they need to. These are better alternatives to being sick or worse.

A brand new health care bill has been signed into law so how can Americans find health care at better prices? A few different ways.