Health Discount Savings Programs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical household of 2.5 people in 2005 spent an average of $2,664 annually on health care. With costs so high, many people turn to health discount savings programs to save on their health care and medication costs. A variety of discount programs exist to assist people in lowing their health care expenses.


Caremark is a prescription medication discount program offered to customers of pharmacies in the Caremark network. Patients may utilize the program in-person at local pharmacies in Caremark's network. Alternatively, patients being prescribed maintenance medications that are listed on Caremark's medication list may benefit from the program's mail service pharmacy, allowing them to take advantage of further discounts.

Patients interested in registering for Caremark's discount program can ask for a benefit identification card at their local CVS Pharmacy or may contact Caremark Customer Care by phone or email.

P.O Box 832407
Richardson, TX 75083

United Health Allies

UnitedHealth Allies is a health discount program. Though the program is managed by United Healthcare, it is not insurance. The program offers users discounts of up to 50 percent on prescription medication, medical supplies, dental care, vision care, massage therapy, weight loss programs, smoking cessation treatment and chiropractic care. United Healthcare policy holders automatically have access to UnitedHealth Allies. However, those without a United Healthcare insurance policy may also benefit from the discount program by calling the program's customer service number.

UnitedHealth Allies
PO Box 10340
Glendale, CA 91209

Together Rx Access

Together Rx Access is a free prescription discount program open to residents of the United States and Puerto Rico who do not have any prescription drug coverage and are not over 65 years of age and eligible for Medicare Part D. Typical savings with the program is 25 to 40 percent on brand name medication.

Interested patients can sign up for Together Rx Access online, over the telephone or by mail.

Together Rx Access
PO Box 9426
Wilmington, DE 19809-9944