How to Be Safe at the Hospital


Have a list of the medications you are currently taking at the ready. Know the medications which are contained on your list along with their generic names. Inquire of staff what medication is being administered prior to taking or allowing any medication to enter your system. Remember that you are not doubting their authority or expertise. Your inquiring because it is your body, your right and ultimately your life. Also feel comfortable in asking why the medication is being administered. Per chance the medication is for treatment of pain which you are not experiencing. Then the question becomes if the medication is really necessary to continue?


Medical professionals are human. No really, they are. As humans people make mistakes. Check the label on a medication prior to ingesting. Being aware of the dosage ordered and checking to ensure it is correct could make a significance difference in your welfare.


Ask for a second opinion when given a diagnosis. Physicians are not the all knowing, powerful beings are ancestors may have believed. Yes, physicians do go to school for several years but once again, physicians are human. Medical experience in combination with presenting symptoms may make one diagnosis more probable in a physicians opinion. Getting a second opinion, especially from a specialist, is crucial in receiving the correct treatment.

Tips and Warnings

  • The just of it all is being aware of what your conditions are and what the treatment there of is. Knowledge is your best defense in maintaining the best health you can have.
  • Be courteous when making inquiries.
  • We have all heard the horror stories of what can happen during a hospital stay. No hospital is immune from making mistakes due to human nature. As the patient, there are certain measures to be taken to ensure your health is as safe as possible during a hospital stay.