How Do I Get Help for Paying for Medicine Even With Medicare Part D?


Contact the company that makes your medication and ask if it has a patient assistance program to help people who cannot afford the drug that you need. Not all pharmaceutical companies have such programs, but many do. If it does, ask a company rep to send you an application.


Complete the application for the patient assistance program. You'll probably need to ask your doctor to complete and sign a portion of the application verifying that you need the medication in question.


Provide any documentation requested with your completed application. The company might request proof of income or information about any health insurance policies you might have, including Medicare. You'll probably also need to have a written prescription from your doctor.

Tips and Warnings

  • Some patient assistance programs won't provide assistance to patients who have Medicare Part D, but some will, especially if you can demonstrate that paying for the medication you need would pose a significant hardship. Ask about this when you contact a pharmaceutical company to find out about their patient assistance program.
  • If there's no patient assistance program for a medication you need or if you don't qualify for the patient assistance program, ask your doctor if he can give you some free samples of the medication or if he knows of other programs that might help you pay for your medication.