Exercises for Post-Shingles Pain


According to the Mayo Clinic, both mental and physical exercises can reduce lingering pain after shingles infections.


Mental exercises for relief of shingles pain include stress reduction, mindful breathing and relaxation techniques. Physical exercises include stretching, yoga and tai chi. These exercises can be done alone or as part of a group.


People who never or rarely previously exercised should consult their doctor before beginning a new exercise or workout regimen.


Post-shingles pain might be confused with pain caused by other medical conditions such as a heart attack or kidney infection; patients should seek prompt care from a doctor if pain is sudden, intense or accompanied by other symptoms.

Time Frame

Pain after shingles can last for months or years, which is a complication referred to as postherpetic neuralgia.


Using physical or mental exercise to reduce pain from shingles can improve the quality of life and increase the ability to perform self care and household activities without side effects such as those caused by medications.