What Can Stop the Itch Of Shingles on the Face & Scalp?


Often light tingling on the surface of the skin signals the site of an oncoming outbreak. Within hours to a few days redness appears; followed by hard, itchy red bumps (similar in appearance to acne), maturing into weeping itching blisters throughout the final phase of the outbreak.


Doctor prescribed medications reduce the number of overall occurrences of shingles and effectively shorten the outbreak's life-span, thus alleviating the amount of time patients experience the problem of itching.


Many natural shingles remedies provide relief at the earliest stage. Aloe vera juice soothes itching and applying cool wet compresses soaked in vinegar helps to calm the shingles rash.


Oatmeal baths relieve overall itching of the body. For shingles on the face and scalp try creating an oatmeal facial mask. Calamine lotion also provides itch relief for many patients.

Stress Factor

Avoiding stress reduces the chances for outbreaks. Stress compromises the immune system, which appears to trigger shingles outbreaks for those living with the virus. Doctors often recommend lifestyle modification to help reduce the number and intensity of shingle episodes.