Light Therapy for Shingles


Shingles, much like the chicken pox, is not a disease that can be eliminated from the body. It will go away on its own after several weeks, but it will stay dormant inside the body. Light therapy (called infrared therapy in many places) has been shown to help in the healing process. Consult your doctor before beginning treatment. In some cases medication may be a better option for combating shingles.


Light therapy is most often done in a clinic. When deciding on a clinic, try and get a feel for whether this is the type of place and the type of staff that you're willing to trust your health to. Some things to look for include whether the doctors explain how the procedure is performed, what it will entail, how much it will cost, and what the possible side effects of the treatment are. Chances are that more than a single treatment will be needed to help heal and control an outbreak of shingles, so it's important that you trust the staff of the clinic.


Light therapy is a relatively new treatment. This means that even if you and your doctor agree that infrared therapy would be a good option for treating shingles, the therapy may not be available in your area. As an alternative, there are infrared therapy units to purchase, most easily online.