Diet to Prevent Gout Attacks

Weight Considerations

If you need to lose weight, do so, because this may decrease uric acid levels in your body, according to the Mayo Clinic. Gradual weight loss is better, because rapid weight loss can temporarily increase uric acid levels.

Choosing a Diet

When choosing a weight-loss diet to prevent gout attacks, avoid high-protein, high-fat and low-carbohydrate diets, the Mayo Clinic recommends.

Foods to Avoid

Avoiding foods high in purine can help, because the body breaks down purine into uric acid during digestion. These foods include most meats, particularly organ meats and red meat, along with anchovies, herring, sardines and mackerel.


A study in the April 17, 2004 issue of the medical journal "The Lancet" found that beer is strongly linked to an increased risk of gout in men. Hard liquor also increases the risk of gout, but moderate wine drinking does not.

Foods to Include

The Mayo Clinic recommends eating low-fat dairy products and more complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain bread, to prevent gout attacks. It helps to drink plenty of water and other fluids, but not sugar-sweetened soft drinks, because those can increase the risk of gout.

Other Possibilities

Coffee, cherries and vitamin C have all been linked to lower uric acid levels, according to the Mayo Clinic. They also report that vitamin C supplements might reduce uric acid levels, though taking very large amounts can increase uric acid.