How to Handle and Relieve a Sore Throat


Think basic! Try a normal Saline Solution! Mix water and table salt together and gargle for a couple of seconds. This should relieve the pain, but only temporarily.


Try a joghurt or pudding. The thickness in the joghurt or pudding acts as a covering of the throat area, such as the infected pharynx.


Eat citrus peels! They contain Pectin, an active ingredient in Throat Lozanges that acts as a cover to the throat. Pectin is also used (as a jelling agent) in pudding and Jell-O.


Get the flow of mucus going! Hot soup or tea not only numbs the throat for a period of time, it also gets mucus flowing out of your body which can carry bacteria out of the infected area.


Hydrogen Peroxide! A common remedy is mixing half Hydrogen Peroxide and Half Water and gargle it to the back of your throat. Also, mouth wash can aid in killing some bacteria in the back of your throat due to the Alcohol content.


Throat Lozenges! Usually the lozenges that work the best are going to be the most pricey. Lozenges that include Benzocaine (usually in increments of 10mg), can provide relief for up to two hours. Other activ ingredients, such as Menthol or Pectin, can help with shorter periods of relief.


Sometimes medical attention may be needed if the pain worsens or lasts for a prolonged period of time.