Ambien Side Effects: Long-Term Memory Loss


Some users of Ambien have reported bouts of amnesia after use, in which they were awake but completely unable to recall places they went, who they were with or what they were doing.


Sleepwalking is a possible side effect, causing users to actually get out of bed, move about, eat and even drive while not actually being awake. Users do not recall these events.

Antidepressant Use

Patients who are currently taking serotonin-based antidepressants should probably avoid taking Ambien, as its side effects involving memory seem to increase with concurrent use.

Ambien Misuse

Chances of memory loss may be increased due to Ambien misuse. For example, patients who take more than their suggested dosage or who do not go to sleep directly after taking the drug are more likely to have memory problems.


To prevent memory loss while using Ambien, be sure to keep communication with your doctor open as to what drugs you are currently taking and what side effects you may be experiencing. Also make sure that you have at least seven to eight hours available to sleep after taking it, since this will also help prevent memory loss, according to the Ambien CR website.