How to Deal with Female Incontinence


Go to the doctor. There are two types of incontinence, stress and urge. Stress is the most common type and has several different causes.


Cross your legs when you feel a cough, sneeze or laugh coming on. It puts enough pressure on the muscles. Another temporary measure you can take along with your protective pad is wearing a tampon when you exercise.


Do Kegel exercises. Lie down on the floor. Contract the pelvis floor muscles. Hold each squeeze for the count. Do this for at least five minutes twice a day. Over a period of eight to fourteen weeks to get results.

Kegel exercises only work if you do them correctly. You can make sure you are isolating the right muscles. Insert two fingers and squeeze. You should feel the action if your are exercising the correct muscles.


Lose weight if you are overweight. Extra weight can be a contributing cause to incontinence.


Ask your doctor about medication if the exercises and weight loss aren't effective. As with all medications, it comes with side effects. These include nausea, dry mouth and drowsiness.


Save surgery as a final option. Over the years, incontinence surgery has changed. It has con from requiring an incision to tighten ligaments that hold to bladder to a vaginal procedure using a fascial sling made from your own tissue. Synthetic slings are now being created.