How to Use Natural Sore Throat Remedies to Relieve Cough and Cold Symptoms


Breathe through your nostrils with your mouth closed. This will moisturize the air that you breathe in. Breathing through the mouth can dry out the lining of the throat and cause soreness.


Soothe your throat with honey. Honey is one of the most effective sore throat and cough remedies due to its antibacterial properties, which help aid the healing process. According to 1,801 Home Remedies by the editors of Reader's Digest, honey drains water from swollen tissue. This helps alleviate the swelling and pain. Mix 4-6 teaspoons of honey with a cup of hot water or tea. Hot lemonade is also an effective remedy for cough and cold symptoms. Squeeze half of a lemon in hot water and add honey.


Reduce throat pain with sage. Use a throat spray that consists of at least 15 percent of the herb sage. It should relieve symptoms within about two hours after use.


Take vitamin C supplements to treat a sore throat and cold symptoms. The authors recommend 1,000 milligrams daily to strengthen the immune system and prevent future colds. Take a smaller dosage if diarrhea develops.


Take garlic supplements to prevent infection. The recommended dosage is 400-600 milligrams four times daily. Garlic capsules are good sore throat remedies because they have strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Take these supplements during meals.