How to : An Opera Singer's Guide to Curing A Sore Throat


As an opera singer I can't afford to get a sore throat. When I'm talking and I feel the first tickle I have to tackle it and you should too. Go to your pantry or out to the store and get a head of garlic. Take one clove, not too small. Cut it up and eat it raw. You'll notice that it may sting a little bit, but it's only because your throat is irritated. Feel free to drink a small glass of water after you eat. It's best to do this a little before bedtime and to warn your significant other that you'll have garlic seeping out your pores. However, you'll wake-up in the morning minus a sore throat!


If I'm singing and I notice that my throat has gone past that initial stage, I have to fight it with a force. When you've passed that point, in a glass with 8 oz of warm water and ½ teaspoon of salt, gurgle with that every other hour. I know this may seem a bit impossible, but it's going to help the irritation go down by the end of the day. If you're not allergic to aspirin, you may also drop a tablet in the water as well. It may take up to 2 days for the soreness to go away, but you're throat will feel 10 times better the next day.


Word on the street is that opera singer's love a good drink. Too much can ruin one's voice. Here's a way to not only have a good drink, but to also keep your throat from getting sore. Go out and get a bottle of whiskey (I prefer Johnny Walker), chamomile tea, honey and lemon. In a tea cup, mix the tea with a shot of whiskey. Add as much honey as you like and a slice of lemon. This is known as a Hot Tottie. Again, it's best to do this step a bit before bedtime as it will make you sleepy. This will soothe your throat to no end and allow you to get some good rest!

Tips and Warnings

  • The first step is to tackle the initial tickle and prevent a sore throat
  • The second step is on how to cure your sore throat once it's past the point of no return
  • The third step is a drink that will help to soothe your sore throat.