Naturopathic Treatment for Shingles


Take 300mg of astragalus or echinacea three times a day at the first sign of a shingles outbreak. If you choose dried echinacea root capsules, Dr. William Warnock, a New England naturopath, suggests taking up to 2,000mg three times a day for two to three days for most effective relief of symptoms and to shorten duration of the outbreak. Astragalus and echinacea are known for their immune system boosting properties. You can take astragalus for maintenance of immune system support for four to six months, following manufacturer dosage instructions, according to capsule dosage.


Promote healing of shingles lesions by taking 500mg of licorice extract capsules three times a day. If you're taking a powdered form, take 2,000mg three times a day. Continue to take the licorice capsules for about two weeks after lesions have cleared and healed, for optimal results.


Ingesting 10,000mg of oral vitamin C supplements daily can help reduce the chances of the origin of the shingles outbreak from spreading along nerves to other parts of the body. If you already have a shingles outbreak, take 2,000mg of vitamin C every three hours.


Take L-lysine supplements to help your body interrupt the ability of the virus to replicate and reduce severity of the outbreak. L-lysine taken twice a day (500mg each dose) is effective as an amino acid that prevents viral replication. You can also take other amino acids, like phenylalanine, three to four times daily in 1,000mg doses to relieve pain.