How to Relieve Shingles Pain Naturally


One of the most common natural remedies is in the form of the herb St. John's wort which can be found at most health food stores and on the internet. This is an antiviral, anti-inflammatory herb that helps strengthen the nervous system. You can make and drink a tea using the dried herb or purchase and apply a tincture directly to the affected skin areas.


If you are looking for something that is a less expensive and you can grow yourself, try Aloe vera juice. You can purchase this at a health food store or online. You can also buy an aloe vera plant which can be an indoor house plant in a filtered light window in your home. To use the leaves, cut off a medium or large sized leaf, then cut into 1 to 2 inch sections which will ooze the gel from the cut end. Rub this on the painful areas and store the remaining pieces in plastic wrap in the refrigerator or freezer. You can apply the soothing gel as often as you want.


Use the inexpensive astringent witch hazel which can be applied directly to the skin with a clean cotton ball. Use apple cider vinegar in the same manner to help avoid localized skin infections that may erupt from scratching the irritated skin areas.


A less well known remedy for the pain of shingles is Geranium oil which can be purchased at most health food stores. Initial studies have shown that in a control group of patients fifty percent of patients had some relief. Be sure to follow the directions on the bottle label before use.


Mix a medium thick paste using baking soda and water or Epsom salts and water which you can apply directly to the painful areas as often as you want.


Make an effort to de-stress your life and environment if possible. Bouts of shingles tend to be self-limiting and natural remedies can help get you over the worst of the flare-ups.

Tips and Warnings

  • As with any treatment, natural or otherwise, check with your family physician before trying anything that has not been prescribed or recommended for your particular set of symptoms and your past medical and family history.