Side Effects of Memory Loss


Memory loss is also referred to as amnesia. Memory loss is defined as the inability to recall past events. Short-term memory loss is the inability to recall events that occurred recently. Long-term memory loss is the inability to recall events that happened in the distant past.


Stress is often a cause of memory loss. This is because stress hormones diminish the amount of blood glucose that reaches the brain. This makes it difficult for the brain to create memories. Short-term memory loss is often the first sign of aging, due to the amount of stress placed on the brain over time.


Memory loss often causes those that suffer from it to misplace items and forget the names of people they know. It is often common for people with memory loss to lose items they use everyday.


Eventually, memory loss can make it difficult for people to cook for themselves, go to the store and use the phone.


Memory loss is a normal part of aging. However, if someone close to you begins to have worsening memory loss or mood swings, it may be time to seek medical treatment.