How to get Natural Gout Relief


Apply a cold compress to the inflamed area to alleviate some of the swelling and pain to achieve some natural gout relief. It may be uncomfortable at first but soon the area should be overcome with a pain numbing sensation. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes at a time - do not leave cold compresses on for extended periods of time.


Apply a hot compress to help stimulate blood flow and help relieve those painful arthritis or gout symptoms.


Allow the affected joint or area to rest and be activity free for natural gout relief. Excessive movement of an already inflamed body part will only succeed in causing you more grief and allowing the tender area to become even more irritated.


Avoid foods and beverages that promote uric acid production and/or will exacerbate this condition. Those foods consist of but are not limited too: red meats, animal fats, seafood, soy milk, peas, beans, high fat dairy and alcohol (beer more specifically).


Increase your intake of healthy foods, beverages and other foods that can help prevent the onset of painful attacks of gout and promote natural gout relief by means of prevention. These foods consist of but are not limited to: low fat dairy, water, eggs, nuts, fruits/berries (especially cherries, raspberries and blackberries), coffee (potentially) and vegetables.


Maintain a healthy weight but avoid taking on a new "diet plan" to get some natural gout relief. Gout attacks seem to be more common in individuals who are over-weight so weight maintenance may be able to save you some painful arthritic inflammation.


Look into targeted exercises that are known to help prevent joint stiffness, pain and inflammation. These may not work during an attack but through prevention and deterrence can still give you some natural relief of the painful effects of gout.