How to Cure Pink Eye


Wash your hands thoroughly and avoid touching your face with your hands. Most of the time pink eye is caused by a bacterial infection so you want to make sure your eye and hands stay extremely clean.


Apply a cold or warm rag to your eyes throughout the day. For some people they are comforted by a cool compress and other people would prefer warm contact on their eyes. Immediately after using the compress make sure throw the rag into the washer to avoid spreading the pink eye.


See a doctor and take the antibiotics they have prescribed to cure pink eye quickly. Most likely your doctor will prescribe a cream or drops for your eye. Be sure not to directly touch the tip of the medication with your eye to avoid spreading the pink eye.


Clean out the drainage often. With pink eye, you will get a lot of yellow drainage from the eye. Use a clean and dry cloth tissue to softly clear out any drainage.