How to Tape Shin Splints With Pre Wrap


Wrap pre-wrap bandage around the shin starting at the ankle. Wrap around the shin going up toward the knee. Wrap snugly, but not tightly. Cut the pre-wrap when you get to mid-calf or below the knee. The pre-wrap prevents irritation to the leg from tape or bandage.


Start the trainer's tape at the bony part on the inside of the ankle, leading the tape in front and then behind the leg and winding diagonally as you go up. Tear or cut the tape at the top of the shin. Start the tape again at the same area of the ankle, only place the tape to run alongside of the first tape application, overlapping slightly. Go around the leg and shin just as you did the first time. Cut the tape where the first tape application ends. Start taping at the inside of the ankle once more, this time placing the tape on the other side of the first tape application, opposite the second application, and repeat as you did the first two times. You end up with three strips of tape alongside each other going in the same direction around the shin and up the leg.


Wrap flexible bandage around the leg. Start at the inside of the ankle and wrap around the leg going up diagonally the same as with the tape. Cut the bandage and secure it with trainer's tape. Make sure the bandage is snug, but not so tight that it inhibits movement.


Repeat the process on the other leg.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not wrap tape too tight around the achilles tendon as it may cause additional pain. Allow time for shins to heal before resuming athletic activities.