What Do Sores From Shingles Look Like?

First Symptom

Even before the sores of shingles appear, pain begins affect area. This may occur several days before a rash develops.


In shingles, a red rash appears followed by red, fluid-filled blisters that develop on top of it. For some people, there may be a large number of blisters, but the rash may sometimes be very small.


Blisters eventually break open, releasing fluid, which may include blood. A yellow crust forms and sores begin to heal. Scarring may or may not occur.


According to the Mayo Clinic, shingles rash generally occurs on the trunk of the body or on the face and head. Shingles sores are almost always limited to one side of the body, stopping sharply at the midsection.


If you think you have shingles, consult a doctor immediately to receive a proper diagnosis and and treatment can begin promptly.