How to Quit Smoking & Save Your Life


Fix up a date to quit smoking. The old "I'll quit as soon as this pack is done" is a sure route to failure - pick a date and stick to it!


Quit smoking along with a friend. This task will become a lot easier and give you both support.


Notice the time and reason of your smoking. Find out what activities you often do while smoking.

Change your routines and keep yourself occupied. Do some exercises, go for walks or ride a bike.


Dispose off all your cigarettes and ash trays.


When you feel the need to smoke, do something else. Put chewing gum or candy in your mouth.


At the end of the day, if you have abstained from smoking, reward yourself by going for a movie or dining outside.


Think about the benefits of quitting smoking. It will help you to stay away from this habit.


Count the money you save by not buying cigarettes. Put the money you would have spent on cigarettes into a jar and be amazed how much money is in the jar after a couple of weeks.


If sometimes you cannot control yourself, don't get discouraged.

If you break down and have a cigarette, don't give up! You haven't failed, you've just slipped. You only fail if you give up.

You will ultimately succeed if you have the desire to quit smoking.

Tips and Warnings

  • Picture your battle as you against the cigarette companies. They're getting rich while you're getting sick - fight back and defeat them by quitting.