Trauma Injury and Psoriatic Arthritis


This type of arthritis occurs in people who are suffering from the chronic skin condition psoriasis. It very much mimics rheumatoid arthritis, but the skin condition is present along with joint pain.


When psoriatic arthritis is present, your nails may become discolored and turn yellow-orange. Your fingers can take on a sausage-like appearance, according to In addition, you will suffer joint aches and pains.


Psoriatic arthritis is believed to be the result of an abnormal immune system, however, it can be provoked by stress, particularly in a person who is predisposed genetically.


Known triggers for psoriasis include injury to the skin, rashes, and even insect bites, notes

Still a Mystery

Research has been done on this condition for 30 years, yet the precise cause has yet to be determined, although previous injuries and trauma are considerations, as well as an individual's immune system and how well it is functioning.