How to Ger Rid of Pink Eye in just 2 Days


Remove all distractions away from your household. These things are known as computers, tvs,loud noises, and anything that is electronic or that causes stress. NOTE*If you have pink eye make sure you stay AWAY from school or work. I had it and went to school and people started getting sick right away. I felt so upset. :(


Relax, have a cup of tea. If you know your relaxed , so does your brain, and then that sends a signal to your eye letting it relax. So do whatever you need to get comfortable. This may including resting, laying down, sitting down,ect.


These are the main parts of the process. Use whatever eye drops your doctor gives you. Use as directed AND DO NOT slack off by taking them only once a day or something. Take a long hot relaxing shower and flush your eye out as much as possible. Just let the water fall on your eye and it CAN be closed while doing this. In fact I suggest that it is. Wash your eye in the sink several times like once every hour. Let the eye dry by itself, don't wipe it.

Tips and Warnings

  • Wash your hands even of your not going to touch your eyes.
  • Put clean wash cloths with cold water on your eyes.
  • Again, DO not SLACK OFF ON MEDICATION. If it says use for 10 days then use it for 10 days even if it goes away the first time you use it. Otherwise it could come back even worse. This is the MOST common mistake.
  • If this is not what your doctor prescribed , don't do it! People have different types of pink eye caused by different things.