How to Ease Genital Herpes Discomfort and Pain


Prevent further irritation:

When an outbreak occurs, there will be irritation; however, many actions we take further promotes irritation causing more discomfort
Avoid using any harsh chemicals or lotions in the outbreak area of genital herpes. Only use a mild soap and water to clean the area. Avoiding using creams and ointments other than those formulated for genital herpes.


Soak in the bath:

Use this to ease and soothe the pain. Most people find this helpful, while others find it more irritating. Only use this method if it helps.


Urinate while submerged in water:

If urinating is causing discomfort, as it does many times with genital herpes, do so while sitting in a warm bath. If the bath is not soothing, try standing over the toilet to urinate or protecting the area. A small mouth cup can be held over the urethra if the other methods are not suitable.


Wear loose clothing:

People with outbreaks should wear loose clothing with only 100% cotton underwear. Avoid wearing spandex underwear, shorts or swimsuits.

For the woman an nice full skirt with no underwear might provide the best comfort.


Keep the mind busy and do not touch:

Touch, rubbing or itching will only further irritate the sores. Not to mention increases the chances of spreading the virus. Keep the hands and mind busy. Sometimes it's just a matter of mind over matter.


Use medications:

Organic silica is effective at treating the pain associated with genital herpes, especially when chilled. Also, oral over-the-counter pain medications can provide a small amount of relief.