How Does Asthma Affect How Kids Act?


Look for early signs of asthma in the way your child acts. According to, some of the symptoms to note include less energy during activities, rapid breathing, wheezing when breathing in or out, frequent coughing and complaints of tiredness or chest tightness.


Labored breathing may be observed when a kid is having an asthma attack. This is a see-saw motion in the chest that is called retractions. It may be noted along with tightened muscles in the chest and neck.

More Considerations

According to, kids may not want to lie down. This is indicated by hunching forward. Flaring of the nostrils when breathing may be present. This is an effort to get more air into the lungs. Agitation or interrupted talking may indicate the presence of shortness of breath.


Watch for symptoms such as wheezing or difficulty breathing to worsen at night. According to, this may indicate the presence of asthma, especially if there has been exposure to triggers such as pollen, dust or pet dander.


Not all kids will act the same way or have the same symptoms. If your child has symptoms of a cold or virus such as a runny nose and coughing, watch for signs of increased difficulty breathing that does not improve. Seek emergency help if your child suddenly becomes pale or lethargic during a coughing episode.